When you work with Julie, she will listen to you – mind, body and spirit – on a deep level.


"You know Julie, since I've been taking yoga classes my lower back pains have no longer been an issue." – Pete Rowland

"Good luck with your class and with the neatest yoga studio I’ve ever laid eyes on."

"Julie has an amazing intuition as she flows through her yoga class instruction. At the completion of each class that I've attended, both physically and spiritually, I feel: 'Wow, that is exactly what I needed!'" – Synthia Petroka, www.beatsmowingthelawn.com

"I love Bow Yoga! It was a great find for me when I wanted to start taking classes. The studio is intimate and comfortable and Julie is very attentive to beginning students and people with physical limitations. As a bonus it is on the water and surrounded by fun memorabilia." – Shirley Vaughan

"I started taking yoga with Julie as part of my own healing prescription. I love the joy of her space on the water in San Rafael, and take the Tuesday yin bliss class. The work is deep. I feel renewed afterwards, and nurtured. Julie's class helps me to open my perspective and navigate my path." – Cathlene

"How is it possible to attend a yoga class that every week feels like it was designed with just me in mind? I don’t know how Julie does it, but whatever the program is for the evening is exactly what I need. Whether it is working a certain part of the anatomy, a particular mantra ('consider the possibility that all is well') or a reading, the class always leaves me fulfilled. Julie is an amazing instructor who can reach the minds, hearts and bodies of her students with her particular intuition. Her ability to warmly guide is a special skill." – Lynn E. Smith, E.A., www.smithofficesolutions.net

Mission Statement

The goal of Bow Yoga is to foster community, connection and friendship through the practice of yoga, through complementary modalities and as a meeting space.

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I first sought out yoga as a means to become a better sailor. I found myself in a yoga class as often as I was on the water, which in 2005 was three to four times a week. I was curious about and practiced Hatha, Yin and Restorative. I received my 200-hour certification in Hatha yoga in 2008 through Jolie Cash of Nature’s Whisper School of Yoga. I realized I had a talent and enjoyment for teaching one to one and in small groups. I am always increasing my knowledge through all forms of continuing education. — Julie Lucchesi